The Digital Degree™ by Eazl – support by

A huge shout out to my friends  & for launching a new exciting project Digital Degree.

The Digital Degree is the Most Affordable Degree in the World

The Digital Degree™ is a collection of 50 fun, interactive, video-based learning experiences that collectively offer students a well-rounded undergraduate education. These courses cover topics like statistics, humanities, life sciences, economics, reading, and writing. Every Digital Degree™ student’s experience includes:

  • Dedicated Mentorship: Students will be graded and receive feedback from a dedicated mentor throughout their learning experience. This enables them to receive personalized guidance as they complete their degree.
  • Lifetime Access: Students have lifetime access to their courses. Each Digital Degree™ course includes bite-sized lectures, interviews with experts and practitioners, and practice activities. Many of these learning experiences also include templates, step-by-step guides, and sample collections. So, if a graduate needs to re-visit their statistics work in 12 years, they can go back to their class, take the lectures they needs, and apply it at work.
  • Building Relevant Skills and a Work Portfolio: In order to earn credit, each student must complete work projects related to each course taken. To make these work projects relevant to the modern world, Eazl has built the Eazl Employability Team, a group of professionals who help calibrate these projects so that students get take relevant skills into their careers.
  • Learning from a Network of Experts: Because students are learning in a video-based environment, they’re able to learn from experts and practitioners with diverse backgrounds, geographies, and worldviews in each course rather than one single professor. This gives students a variety of viewpoints rather than that of a single person.
  • Becoming Digital Natives: Students work with and collaborate through essential cloud-based tools tools like the Google Apps for Work and social media platforms.
  • Engaging Learning Experiences: Eazl has won awards for outstanding production quality. This focus on making the learning experiences attract and retain student’s attention has resulted in a 70% increase in engagement with students (see Bálint’s review below).


Thanks for a  bag, I will surely wear it when I record the 2019 edition of our Udemy course. Good luck & much love from sLOVEnia!