100+ FREE Growth Hacking Tools & Frames

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Hola, I published a Zeef board 70+ FREE Growth Hacking Tools. The responses of my Twitter and LinkedIn growth hacking friends have been overwhelming. Therefore today I can happily announce that this board includes 100 🆓 Growth Hacking Tools and Frames.

The paradox of tool discovery

You probably all know the excitement of discovering an amazing tool and then completely forget how it is called, right? In order to bridge the gap between tool discovery and implementation, I decided to list every FREE tool that I take for a spin on this board. I am very glad that also my network is suggesting cool tools for the board. Thanks a million, guys!

My 9 Favorite Tools

I have tested all of the tools listed on the board, however, I can no longer imagine my productive growth hacking life without these gems:

  • AUTOMATION Zapier rocks! Zaps are the new black. Some of my favorite Zaps include connecting Typeform, Google Forms, Toggl, Twitter, Feedly (RSS feeds) and calendars. Try it out, it is mindblowing.
  • GRAB EMAILS with Prophet and Email hunter Chrome extensions! I love using them on LinkedIn (screenshot above this section).
  • BECOME A PRODUCTIVITY NINJA — Ever since I discovered how seamlessly Toggl and Trello connect via Toggl Chrome Extension, I could not stop raving about FREE productivity dashboard.
Twitter social media manager will be easy and convenient with https://web.crowdfireapp.com

SOCIAL MEDIA WITH MESSENGER BOT Crowdfire has a beautiful user messenger-bot interface. It gives fantastic content curation and engagement ideas and phenomenal network management opportunities. I use it daily to manage my Twitter profile. Amazing stuff!

  • GETTING “INSPIRED” AKA COMPETITORS SPYINGSimilar Web, Ghostery and WooRank are my allies when I search for new Marketing Tech, SEO hacks and acquisition channels inspirations.

Your Turn! What is missing?

There is a wonderful list of tools out there 564 Growth Hacking Tools | Digital Marketing Tool. However, my added value at 90 FREE Growth Hacking Tools board is that I am only listing tools, which have powerful enough free version that actually helps you do your work (no time-limited free trials). I am committed to diligently edit this board and I am doing my best to list only relevant tools there.

Happy Growing!

EDITORIAL DISCLAIMER: Please note: If you decide to list a tool, please have in mind, that- so you cannot growth hack my FREE growth hacking tools board with paid tools. Sorry guys, just ain’t fair to people who use it.

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