Short Bio

Maja Voje is Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at OriginTrail, a blockchain company developing data exchange protocol for interconnected supply chains. She joined the company in 2017, led the successful campaign for the token generation event that raised USD 22.5 m value in Ethereum in January 2018, and is now leading all marketing activities contributing to OriginTrail’s further growth and building relations with the stakeholders in the fast-paced blockchain space.

Prior to joining OriginTrail, Maja worked as a growth strategist with more than 50 companies and launched more than 300 growth experiments. Her previous work included marketing of a Kickstarter project, leading the projects for Google and Rocket Internet, and established the operations for Receipt Bank in Slovenia.

Maja is also passionate about regularly sharing her knowledge with the community. She co-authored (with the Eazl team) one of the most popular growth hacking and digital marketing courses on Udemy, lectured at Growth Hacking Workshop, founded the Slovenian community for growth hacking, organized several meetups and events with international guests, and was also a guest lecturer on various events herself. Her collection of 200+ growth hacking resources is a go-to place for growth and digital marketing professionals. Maja is also regularly contributing ICO reviews.

Having studied on Europe’s first growth hacking academy in 2016, Maja Voje is a certified growth hacker by Growth Tribe. She was named one of the top female growth hackers by several experts and ranked as top 0.1% growth hackers by Klout. Maja’s also holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from University of Ljubljana. 

Field of Work

I am full-time CMO of a company OriginTrail, a blockchain company enabling businesses to speak the same language with integrity. We are developing data exchange protocol for interconnected supply chains. It is a B2B, middleware solution, but with a strong community of individual supporters and token holders. Some of them also aim to be involved in running a node, thereby providing the infrastructure for the decentralized network we are building.

After successfully leading the campaign for the token generation event until January 2018, my work at OriginTrail is now focused on outlining and leading the execution of general marketing strategy, which includes community management, media & public relations, strategic partnerships, and corporate outreach. As a B2B solution that also got supporters during the public token sale and is building a decentralized solution, we are building relationships with two major strategic audiences: corporate audience (users of the protocol) and crypto audience (project supporters & node runners). As a C-level executive, I am also involved in other strategic fields, from HR to operations, aligning the work of cross-department teams between our two main offices.

In this position, I also mentor other projects within Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition, powered by ConsenSys, contributing to the development of the crypto marketing expertise within Slovenian Blockchain Association, as well as with informal relations with fellow CMOs of blockchain projects.